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Open Mouth, Insert Food: Vegan Recipes from the Underground
Archaic Underground

Autumns Destructive (Label) - Fruit Toast
Unwed Sailor (Made In Mexico, band) - French Toast Mince Sandwich
Deluxtone Rockets (Tooth & Nail, band) - Rice Cereal
Halifax Pier (Temporary Residence Ltd., band) - The Smoking Gun (aka
Tofu Scramble) (a variety of traditional Indian dishes)
The Firebrand Collective - Emma Goldman's Veggie Couscous, Persian
True Love Always (Teen Beat, band) - Greens Soup
Kimchee Records (Label) - Kimchee's Salad
We Ragazzi (My Pal God Records, band) - Mango Bone Soup
Audra (Projeckt, band) - Lentil Dal
Amber Asylum (Relapse Records, band) - Spicy Miso Soup
Badman Recording Co (Label) - New Mexican Green Chile Stew
Kaitlyn Ni Donovan (Hush, musician) - Spinach Cashew Raisin Salad
Caustic Productions/Nile (Distro/Band) - Spinach Salad
Cynthia Connolly of Dischord Records (employee/photographer/artist) -
Cucumber Tahini Salad
Elizabeth Elmore (Musician, x-Sarge) - Black Bean Dip
Happy Couples Never Last (Label) - Black Metal Buffalo Wings
Snap Pop! Magazine (publication) - Creamy Spinach Artichoke Dip & Tofu
Pumpkin Pie
B-Movie Rats (band) - Derek's Kick Ass Hummus
Shakespace (Happy Couples, band) - Dolthma
Ache Records (Label) - Greek Roast Potatoes & Spicy Sesame Tofu
Big Ass Truck (band) - Green Apple & Chili Chutney
Mecca Normal (Kill Rock Star/Matador, band) - Hummus & Modified
My Pal God Records (label) - Quick & Tasty Potato Latkes
Dischord Records (label) - Potato Franklins
Hands Up Houston Booking Collective (promotor) - Mashed Potatoes &
Sausage/Cream Gravy
Silent Majority (Band) - Mother's Sweet & Sour Meatlessballs
The Ecstatic Yod Collective (featuring Thurston Moore, Chris Corsano, &
Byron Coley) - 2 Bean Chili
Jade Tree Records (label) - Herbed Lentils & Rice Barat
Clark Giles (labelowner/promoter/writer) - 2623 Tofu Strips
420 Bascom Collective (venue) - Fajitas
(mem. of usurp synapse, rep seki & the magnifigant
collapse) - Cheese Casserole
Held Like Sound/Q & Not U (publication/band, Dischord) - Dairy Free
Fresh Pasta (homemade)
Cursive (Saddle Creek, band) - Fried Lime Noodle Tofu
Rainer Maria (Polyvinyl, band) - Garden Pasta w/Tofu & Super Easy, Super
Tasty Thai Curry
Shelflife Records (label) - Red Beans & Rice
Kat Matutina - Creamy Peanut Sauce Stir-Fry & Punk-in Bread
Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth & Free Kitten) - Kim Gordon's Lentils
Keith Thirteen - Lo Han a.k.a. Buddha's Delights
Marshmallow Coast (Kindercore, band) - Barbecue Tofu & Beans
Rye Coalition (Gern Blandsten, band) - Penne Cassaro
Saraswati (band) - Seven-Layer Casserole
Endearing Records (label) - Spicy Peanut Noodles
Annika Bentley (musician) - Zucchini Sandwiches w/Tarter Sauce
Skyway Zine (publication) - Volcanic Chile
Sutek Conspiracy (band) - Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
The Devil Is Electric/The Sissies (Plan-It-X Records, bands) - Love Pie
XLast Day On The ForceX (band) - Molasses Cookies
Mr. Roboto Project (venue) - Super Yummy Sugar Cookies
Che' Cafe (venue) - Whoopie Pie Cakes
Empty View Rrekerds (label) - Asteroid Shake
Rhea's Obsession (Metropolis, band) - Wassail For What Ales Ya

Notes: "Open Mouth, Insert Food: Vegan Recipes From The Underground" is the first release from Archaic Underground - an Indianapolis based publishing/printmaking/letterpress/bookmaking group.
"Open Mouth," consists of 50+ recipes from people making a positive impact on the independent music scene. Ranging from musicians to artists, promoters and writers. As well as an informative glossary!
Each book is handbound - a limited quanity is hardbound, while the rest are soft-cover. All art work is screen printed/stamped into each book. The art is based on instructional art from the food industry - melded with our love for music, all designed by Archaic.

2001 hardback & paperback on Archaic Underground


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