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Sonic Nurse reviews
May 30, 2004

Online reviews of Sonic Nurse are pouring in. Please do send in any new reviews/interviews you find, I will add them in here.

Dusted Magazine
Drowned in Sound (no comment...)
Rate Your Music
Nöjesguiden (in finnish)
The Guardian
This is Fake DIY

Also see this promotional site for Sonic Nurse, you can listen to clips of the album there.

And a VH1 interview thingy, fans of the Pixies might be offended...

Neven found out that the DVD is on sale for $10.49 at Huh?

In other news, an european tour is in the plans. I'll have to go change my pants now... more on this later.

June 7th, 2004 Update

More reviews:

Pitchfork Media
The Guardian
E! Online

Also found this Exclaim! interview of Lee.

Know of more reviews? Please do e-mail me and I'll add them in here...

Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth, initially comprising of guitarist / vocalists Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo, guitarist / bassist / vocalist Kim Gordon and drummer Richard Edson, were formed in New York City in 1981. A product of the No-Wave music scene of the late 1970s, the group had their roots in abrasive, experimental music, with Moore and Ranaldo having previously worked with the experimental composer Glenn Branca. The band were joined in 1985 by drummer Steve Shelley, and have now recorded 14 albums together, as well as many side and solo projects. Their work has been consistently challenging and innovative, and they are widely regarded as one of the most intriguing and influential bands of their time.


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